2019 Charity Raffle Winners

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Tonight we live streamed the draw for the Charity Raffle, which sold well over 100 tickets. Current Front Man Stuart was ably assisted by his daughters Jessica and Jemma, and all three were banished to the Box Room, now known as Damboree Studio 1, to stream the raffle draw.

A reminder that we are raising funds for Toilet Twinning & DePaul UK because everyone should have a safe place to go.

The outcome of which follows

#PrizeWinnerTicket NumberDonor Link
1Framed Badge SetTeresa Kirk1104Damboree
2Bistro Live! Table for 6Rob Woods1097https://www.bistrolive.com/
3 Bistro Live! Table for 6 Susan Stonebridge1003
4 Bistro Live! Table for 6 Andrew Till1132
5Wild Stoves Wild WoodGas Mk IIt Louise Betley1016https://wildstoves.co.uk/
6Vango Tent Ang Healy1047https://shop.scouts.org.uk/
7Sleeping Bags and Torture…. Louise Betley1025https://www.facebook.com/JohnHemmingClark/
8Scouting WoodWorker
(Bundle 1 Earings and Cufflinks)
Karen Palmer1074https://www.facebook.com/thescoutingwoodworker/
9Scout Radio Badge Jane Pringle1012https://scout.radio/
10Scout Radio Badge Andrew Barber1040
11 Scout Radio Badge Andrew Barber1039
12 Scout Radio Badge Roisin Smith1059
13 Scout Radio Badge Andrew Twigger1087
14Damboree Torches (x5) Beverley Delaney1069Damboree
15 Damboree Torches (x5) Andrew Till1113
16 Damboree Torches (x5)Louise Clover1033
17 Damboree Torches (x5) Andrew Twigger1086
18 Damboree Torches (x5) Gwenda Goodman1030
19 Damboree Torches (x5)Stephanie Ovens1067
20Scouting WoodWorker
(Bundle 2 chopping board, woggle & coaster
Sharonn Neil1095https://www.facebook.com/thescoutingwoodworker/

Prizes will be shipped out this week.

As alluded to on the live stream, we will be runnign a prize draw for those who partook in the raffle, for the BSO pink Damboree 2019 TShirts. Details on that score once they have arrived and been counted.

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