Dambore 2019 by Numbers October

Since we opened the register of interest for Damboree 2019, we’ve been very pleased with the response, particularly from the Cubs. So I thought I’d share what the registration forms are telling us at the moment. We now have over…

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Damboree Badges in OSM (UK/AU)

Our Online Scout Manager Technical Supremo has added the Damboree badges as Custom Badges (Requires OSM Gold) for you to manage the Damboree Badges within your section OSM.

The badges have been made available to United Kingdom and Australian Online Scout Manager subscribers, to enable Scouts Australia to use Damboree to encourage their Joeys camping.

Passports and Spec Sheets!

Our Art Dept (Crayons) has been busy prepping some materials to help Damboree event organisers explain to parents, helpers and other leaders around them what Damboree is about, what the young people get from it etc.

Revamped Newsletter

We know not everyone see our posts on social media, some groups move to fast, so we are taking the opportunity….

Are we Legit?

It’s a question that seems to be coming up again now that we’re asking for Occasional Badge Approvals.  So, as Current Front Man, I thought it would be useful to provide an explainer of how legit we are, as well…

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