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Andy T.

Like many parents, I got back involved in Scouts when my children joined Cubs and Beavers. It was my way of paying back in to the community. To keep an eye on my son, I started helping out at Beavers, and was soon running my own Colony. At weekend I help support the other sections and have regularly camped with Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. My second concurrent role in Scouting was to take up an appointment as an Assistant Regional Commissioner (Sections), which confirms that I live in sunny Scotland. More recently I have been involved in organising District Camps, running activity zones @ Lone Events, or sharing my love of paracord (only 53 colours) as a base.

I loved Andy’s idea of a Beaver Damboree. The challenge was to see if we could get others interested. It’s one thing on Facebook to post a comment, but something else to make a difference. I pulled together the questionnaire which quickly showed there was real interest out there. The desire has been to provide accurate and material virtual support and encouragement, to energise Beaver Leaders to think about camping with their Beavers and qualifying for their Campsite Permit. I don’t think any of us thought it would get ‘this big’.

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