Nights Away – How it should work

To begin the process, the Leader wanting a permit fills out the application form and emails/mails/ gives the form to the Nights Away Advisor.

This will include any and all information regarding the persons background and experience as well as what type of permit they are applying for.

The application is acknowledged by the Nights Away Adviser, who will make contact to discuss the persons experience, knowledge and abilities, and together formulate a plan to work through the assessment.

It is mildly irrelevant as to how much camping they have done, it is about the persons current ability to plan, organise and run a camp in accordance with the Scout Association rules.

However, they are incredibly useful sources of information for Leaders. More information can be found at the following factsheet

The NAA should then assess the person against the assessment form AC120990 :

The assessment will probably be a minimum of three parts:

Then there will USUALLY be a mutually convenient camp organised for the applicant to demonstrate their ability to actually plan and run an event, although this is under the watchful eye of a current Nights Away Permit holder, just to ensure no major mishaps.

After this camp, the applicant will prepare the financial paperwork, meet up with the Nights Away Adviser and discuss how the camp went, sort out any minor issues and finalise the application.

The Nights Away Advisers will then recommend a permit on Compass and the District Commissioner will then issue once they are satisfied all is in order.

The AC120990 paperwork remains with the applicant to pass to the District Commissioner for final sign off, although now the permit is approved through Compass.

The key is open and clear communication both ways.

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