Passports and Spec Sheets!

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Badge Spec Sheets

Our Art Dept (Crayons) has been busy prepping some materials to help Damboree event organisers explain to parents, helpers and other leaders around them what Damboree is about, what the young people get from it etc. We have now made them available to download from our store, but we’re also adding them automagically to any badge orders so you are able to have the materials to hand if you need them.

Damboree Passports

Ever since a Damboree-er gave us the idea of producing Passports, we’ve put Crayons to work creating some, and this year all three participating sections have Passports.

The plain back allowed you to over-print any event related information, or additional activities you are including as part of your event.

These sheets can be downloaded from the link to the below, or ordered from our store when you order your badges.


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  • Badge Information Sheets

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The Damboree Badges are being created in Online Scout Manager, so if you have a Gold subscription you will be able to add the Damboree badges to your programme, and they will be visible in Parent Portal.

We will also make these available for Joeys, Cubs and Scouts in Australia,

Online Scout Manager have very generously sponsored the Gold badges this year, so those going for their Nights Away Permit (UK) or becoming a Nights Away Adviser (UK) will be able to order their Gold badge at no cost.

For international Golds, help us sort out some validation criteria for your National Scouting Organisation, and we’re more than happy to support you, and your NSO in promoting #EveryoneInTents.

Direct Downloads

Although we’d prefer to know who’s downloadingand using them, if you don’t want to order them through our store, click on the images above and it will take you to the PDF files.

2020 Damboree Registration

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